Knowledge will set you free
— John Coltrane (1926-1967)

James Gallardo, bassist, multi-instrumentalist, and composer, recently received his BA in Music (with a Classical Double Bass focus) from California Polytechnic State University (2017) and has been a professional freelance musician since 2010; primarily working in San Luis Obispo country.

James' love for music started at an early age (8). After moving from his birth home of Suffern, NY to Los Osos, CA, he quickly developed a naturally gifted ear towards popular music styles: classic rock, contemporary pop, heavy metal, and then later: jazz, classical, electronic and more. 

After graduating high school, James decided to pursue both a Jazz Studies (AA) and Music Performance (AA) degree at Cuesta Community College from 2008-2014. Later in 2015 he, along with his colleagues Keegan Harshman, Josh and Sean Collins, were awarded best Community College Jazz Combo by Downbeat magazine. In 2016, James was awarded a one-year membership to the Jazz Bass School with John Patitucci through Artist Works

Currently, he is producing Green to White's 2nd album (release date: August 7th, 2018) entitled Technologically Sound, with award winning jazz orchestra arranger/engineer George Stone. James is also tracking bass for Moonshiner Collective's new album (release date: February 2019). During the rest of the 2018 year and beyond, he will be studying with new private instructors, recording his debut album, engineering live performance sessions for Groove Street Studio, and relocating temporarily or permanently to further his studies in pursuit for a Masters in Music.